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Back to Basics

It is time to get back to the basics of our campaign, starting with the posters that were mailed to over 5,900 U.S. hospitals. These posters contain valuable life saving information and are the heartbeat of the Think Aorta Campaign!

Knowing the symptoms displayed on our poster is a vital component in the quest of saving lives. For patients and their loved ones, recognizing these symptoms and getting to an emergency room quickly, is the most important thing. For healthcare professionals, this information, in conjunction with risk factors, family history, and a physical exam, help bring the diagnostic picture into focus.

While chest pain is the #1 symptom of an aortic emergency, it is important to understand that not everyone experiences it. Other presenting symptoms include pain in the neck, back, or abdomen. In some cases there is no pain at all. This pain tends to come on suddenly and has been described as sharp, tearing, or ripping. However, it is important to understand that this varies from patient to patient.

Other symptoms we highlight on the poster are numbness or weakness in any extremity. This points to decreased blood flow to those areas. While these sensations are not limited to Aortic Dissection, it is an important piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

Last but not least on our symptoms list is syncope. Syncope is a loss of consciousness which can be caused by a rapid blood pressure drop. It is important to note once again, there are other reasons one might "faint" or "pass out", but it is an important piece of information when coupled with other symptoms.

Knowing the symptoms will save lives!

Consider checking out the UK and Ireland campaign at and on Instagram @think_aorta

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