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Think Aorta Think FAMILY. The Bertozzi Family - Part 2

Today we are giving you part 2 of the Bertozzi Family story.

By survivor Karin Bertozzi

Yes, that's me - circa 1970. Aortic aneurysm/dissection survivor Karin Bertozzi trying to wiggle off Santa's lap. My three older brothers trying to keep me in the picture. Fast forward about 40 years, I suffered an emergent aortic dissection in October 2014. Two months later in December 2014, my brothers were scanned and ALL of them had aneurysms. Two of them went on to have surgeries for valve and arch replacement. One of those went with a mechanical valve and one went with a bio valve. Unfortunately the brother with the bio valve, months later developed an infection and died of a MI while in the ICU. The brother who has not yet had elective surgery is being monitored very, very closely. His BP stays safe with the use of Valsartan and other meds. He gets routine imaging. He exercises properly and maintains a healthy weight. I am nervous something emergent may happen to him, but am trusting the system and protocols in place. If our story doesn't speak to THINK AORTA, THINK FAMILY, I am not sure what would.

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