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Survivor Story

Today we bring you the story of Ann Nichole Busby, Survivor of a Type A Dissection.

Ann is a survivor of over 12 years and shares with us her story of survival. Ann's story details how after 8 days of multiple misdiagnosis, eventually an echo showed her Type A dissection. It is amazing that Ann survived but her survival was in part to skills she learned because of having asthma. Ann has come to realize that her dissection actually was a life saver as in 2014, during one of her routine scans detected cancer.

Although Ann's life has taken a dramatically different turn, what is most impressive is her ability to recognize and help others see that while life can be sometimes hard, life can still offer amazingly beautiful experiences and for that, she is truly grateful. Ann is truly living her best life with grace and determination!

You may view Ann's video here:

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