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Survivor Story of Suzy Meyer-Page

Today we bring you the incredible story of Suzy Meyer-Page, 20 year Survivor of a Type A and eventual Type B Dissection.

Suzy’s story is quite amazing considering she was misdiagnosed more than once! Suzy survived a Type A dissection and was not only misdiagnosed, but dismissed from the moment she was picked up by the ambulance. It is a frustrating story that is told too often.

Once Suzy’s Type A dissection was eventually diagnosed, 20 years ago, she still had to endure complications and recovery from a Type B dissection too. We hope to hear more from Suzy in our new initiative, Where Are They Now. I am sure you would all like to know more about Suzy’s life post dissection!

You may view Suzy’s video here:

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Please consider checking out the UK and Ireland campaign at and on Instagram @think_aorta

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