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Think Family

Today we have a story from our Think Aorta Think Family series of Robert Glass and his family.

Robert is also a board member for Think Aorta US, helping spread the message to "Think Aorta" to all the world. Read his story below! 👇

Following 2 heart valve operations in 1988 and a repair of my Mitral valve in 2002 I learned around 2015 I had aquired a growing aneurysm likely a result of having a bi cuspid valve .I didn’t think much about it or rather didn't want to think about until a CT scan in 2019 which showed a noticeable increase in size .

This was enough for me to take action which resulted in reaching out to support .I found aortic bridge and Dr Ben Youdelman and quickly learned about aortic dissections which are often hereditary in nature and easily discoverable through a CT scan .What blew my mind was that the condition is often non symptomatic and doesn’t generally discriminate between race size or sex .

As a result of becoming aware I had all 3 of my kids tested via CT scan immediately at prohealth in lake success Long Island .The pediatrician Dr Louis Rigos was very interested in the think aorta campaign and was provided with posters and information.Non of my kids have bicuspid valves or anneurisms.

My father was tested and a small anneurism was found ( 4.2) and now monitored but no bicuspid. My brother and mother did not have aneurisms or bicuspid .

knowledge is power - i am very happy they got tested and now my father can be monitored and in the unlikely event he needs surgery it will likely be elective .

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