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WHO (World Health Organization)Patient Safety Day

Aortic Dissection survivor to inspire

millions on World Patient Safety Day

~From our friends at Aortic Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland

[London, England] – In a powerful and inspiring testament to the strength of the

human spirit, Tony Southerden, survivor of a life-threatening acute

Aortic Dissection, has shared his harrowing story in a video released

by the global, patient-led THINK AORTA 

campaign for World Health Organization [WHO] World Patient

Safety Day on 17th September.

Tony, who defied the odds and survived, despite initial misdiagnosis and delay

in recognising his acute Aortic Dissection, has become a beacon of hope for patients and

healthcare providers alike. His story highlights the global patient safety issue of

misdiagnosis and delay in acute Aortic Dissection, which the

patient-led THINK AORTA campaign is addressing.

The video, is an emotional and inspiring

tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who face patient safety issues in life-

threatening medical conditions. It includes a recording of Tony, at

home alone, making the emergency ambulance call that saved his life. By

sharing his story as part of the THINK AORTA campaign, Tony wants to raise awareness of

the need to improve patient safety through early detection and

timely intervention in acute Aortic Dissection.

Aortic Dissection is a life-threatening condition involving a tear in the body’s

biggest artery, the Aorta, which carries blood from the heart to the brain, limbs and

Vital organs.

WHO World Patient Safety Day is an annual event that emphasizes the importance of

patient safety and encourages open dialogue between

patients and healthcare providers. It aims to reduce the risks and harm associated with

healthcare by promoting awareness, accountability, and

effective communication in healthcare systems. The theme of World Patient Safety Day 2023

Is “Engaging Patients in Patient Safety”.

The THINK AORTA campaign was established by national patient charity Aortic

Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland in 2016, in partnership with the Royal College of

Emergency Medicine, the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in GB & Ireland and the

charity Heart Research UK. High-impact THINK AORTA educational

posters are now available in the native language of 50% of the

world’s population and there are active THINK AORTA campaigns in North and South America, the UK, Europe, Asia and


In the USA, the campaign is led by

Patient charity Aortic Hope and endorsed by the Society of Thoracic

Surgeons, the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American

College of Emergency Physicians.

Tony believes that his story can serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring patients and

healthcare providers to prioritize patient safety, improve education and

communication and foster a culture of continuous safety

improvement in healthcare organizations worldwide. His video is poised to touch the hearts of millions and

create a lasting impact on patient care.

Join us in witnessing this extraordinary story of resilience, hope, and patient engagement

in the pursuit of better patient safety standards on our YouTube Premiere on

World Patient Safety Day, September 17th."

About World Patient Safety Day:

World Patient Safety Day is an annual event established by the World Health

Organization (WHO) to raise global awareness about patient safety and encourage actions

that can enhance the safety of healthcare systems. The day serves

as an opportunity to promote open communication,

accountability, and collaboration among patients, healthcare professionals, and

policymakers to improve patient care worldwide. The theme of World Patient Safety

Day 2023 is “Engaging Patients in Patient Safety”.

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